8 Ways You Can Go Plastic Free

July 23, 2018


8 Ways You Can Go Plastic Free

Our social conscience is delving deeper than Dry July this year. Instead we’re looking to build a healthier, happier world and drink wine while we do it. What better way to embrace Plastic Free July with these handy tips to help you to refuse to use plastic.


  1.  Reusable Water Bottles

Ditching the plastic water bottle is one of the first and easiest steps you can make in your plastic detox. With one million plastic water bottles bought every minute around the globe it’s no wonder even the most remote island is now littered with plastic. Water3 is an Aussie based company on a mission to eliminate single use plastic bottles. With their water Refill Stations popping up all over South East Queensland there’s no excuse to opt for a plastic water bottle anymore.  Refill Stations supply chilled spring water (still or sparkling) and you can even buy a 500ml stainless steel bottle with $2 refill credit included. A refill is cheaper than buying a plastic bottle, better for you and saving our oceans. A no brainer really.


 Photo from Water3

      2.  Reusable Straws

Plastic Straws are a big no-no in in going plastic free, with 2.47 billion straws ending up in landfill in Australia each year. And that’s just Australia. The Last Straw is a cause dedicated to converting venues around the world to stop using plastic straws. And if you’re a sucker for a straw to sip your cocktail with than make sure you buy your own bamboo or stainless steel one to take with you. You can choose from a range of them at our fav 100% vegan, and ethical online store Flora & Fauna. With over 200 brands and more than 5000 products this Australian owned online store is a go to for all of your plastic-free supplies.

     3.  Reusable Coffee Cups

We love our morning brew more than anything, but we definitely don’t love single use coffee cups. Did you know Australians send 50,000 coffee cups to landfill every 30 seconds? EVERY 30 SECONDS! Needless to say, this is a huge issue but it has a very easy and cute solution. Pottery for the Planet provide a range of beautiful handmade ceramic keep cups as a sustainable alternative to your throw away coffee cups. Choose from their colourful range and start your day by helping the planet.


Photo courtesy of Pottery for the Planet


  1.  Bulk Food Stores

Bulk food stores like The Source in Miami are a great way to cut down on waste and eliminate single-use packaging. It’s also a great way to reduce food waste by giving you more freedom to purchase the exact amount you need rather than buying pre-packaged amounts that may go to waste before their expiration date. Healthy for you and the environment it’s also a great way to save some cash. Don’t forget your jars!

  1.  Reusable Shopping Bags

Even supermarket giants Woolies and Coles have joined the anti-plastic movement with plastic bags banned around the country earlier this month. And it’s no wonder, with shoppers worldwide using over 500 billion single-use plastic bags per year. Reusable shopping bags are now a must-have, no excuses! Hello Green provide a huge range of reusable bags whether it be for your produce, your bread and come in a range of different sizes. This doesn’t just apply to your groceries though, make sure you say no to plastic bags whether it be at the markets, clothes shopping or even at the bottle-o!

  1.  Reusable Food Wraps

If you’re ready to take your efforts to ditch plastic to the next level look into Reusable Food Wraps. Gone are the days of plastic cling wrap, and instead welcome the environmentally friendly and not mention beautifully designed food wraps from WRAPPA. The warmth of your hands softens these natural wraps allowing them to stick and keep your food fresh and be reused again and again.

  1.  Reusable cutlery

Don’t make a plastic faux pas at your next picnic. Ditch the plastic cutlery and look at buying yourself a bamboo cutlery set from Ever Eco to make sure you are always prepared. They’ll easily fit in any handbag and will arm you with the tools you need to say a big old NO thank you to plastic utensils.

  1.  BYO, BYO & BYO

Next time you are going for take-out whether it be sushi or Indian make sure you BYO your own containers. You’ll be helping the environment and giving a friendly reminder to restaurants and cafés that they should be providing alternatives to plastic takeaway containers.

Unsure how you are going to remember to bring all these fantastic reusable products with you? Set up a little eco bag for yourself with all your reusable goodies inside and ready to grab next time you run out the door or even leave it inside your car. And if you’re concerned at the price of buying these reusable items, just remember once you have them, that’s it! You won’t have to buy them again and you’ll be helping keep our oceans clean with a guilt-free conscience.

C’mon guys do it for the turtles!