Eco Gift Guide

December 14, 2018


Christmas is the time of year we spend with loved ones and come together,  but did you know it’s also when we create more plastic waste than ever? The amount of waste we produce increases by 30% over the festive season alone, with Australians spending over $20 million on unwanted gifts. Instead of creating more waste this Christmas, why not choose gifts that will encourage your friends and family to go plastic free all year round? Here’s our Eco Gift Guide to shopping waste free this year.



Summer is well and truly here and staying hydrated is key to surviving the heat... but that doesn’t mean you need to reach for a plastic bottle.  With one million plastic water bottles bought every minute around the globe it’s an easy solution to buy a reusable water bottle. Water3 is an Aussie based company on a mission to eliminate single use plastic bottles, with a range of stainless steel, double-walled and insulated water bottles that will keep you cool and hydrated all Summer long. Choose from 12 vibrant colours to give the perfect gift for your loved ones and the planet.


Boomerang Bags

2018 has been huge on banning the plastic bag, with major grocery stores like Woolworths and Coles making the move.Boomerang Bags is a completely community driven project dedicated to stopping plastic pollution at the source. Boomerang Bags has a passionate team of volunteerswho make reusable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They have grown throughout the years to become a movement with 750 communities involved. They sell their amazing reusable bags, as well as cutlery pouches, and stainless steel straws online as the perfect plastic free gifts this Christmas.


Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna’s purpose is to make a change through empowering people with knowledge, providing environmental solutions and by only offering products that are vegan, ethically sourced, cruelty free and low impact. From makeup to household cleaners you will find everything and anything you could imagine to make this Christmas better for our planet.  With their wide range of products you’ll find a present for your whole family.


Spooked Kooks

Spooked Kooks are dead serious about the oceans plastic problem. That’s why they have made it their mission to make the best performing and most durable soft boards containing as much recycled plastic waste as possible. 100% of all High-density Polyethylene used in their boards is recycled post-consumer plastic waste. This includes the entire “slick” (underside of the boards), leash plug, fin boxes, fins and fin key. It’s no secret that most surfers froth the ocean so now they can get waves and save the ocean from plastic at the same time.


The Ceramic Mill

Coffee is a way of life for many of us, so what better gift for your caffeinated loved ones than a reusable coffee cup.Did you know Australians send 50,000 coffee cups to landfill every 30 seconds? EVERY 30 SECONDS! Needless to say, this is a huge issue but it has a very easy and cute solution. The Ceramic Mill offers an irreplaceable product designed to assist the world’s war on waste. Their beautiful handmade cups offer uniqueness with every single cup, as all of their cups are made on a pottery wheel.


Green + Kind

Green + Kind’spurpose is to change the way we shop by educating and creating great eco alternatives to products we use everyday. That way you can be armed with the tools you need to comfortably say a big no thank you to plastic. Choose from their range of eco alternative items like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable  straws and the cutest coconut bowls and cutlery sets.



Sienna’s nail polish isn’t just pretty shades, they’re also chemical free, vegan and plastic free! Hailing from sunny Byron Bay, Sienna have scrapped the traditional plastic caps for natural wooden ones made from local sustainable timber. Keeping your nails looking great and our planet happy.

And don’t forget when it comes to wrapping your eco goodies to consider what you are wrapping them in. Not all wrapping papers are recyclable, but you can always reuse old newspapers, magazines or brown paper to be safe. Even the smallest swaps can make your festive season less wasteful. We’d love to hear other ways you’re planning on making this Christmas plastic free!