How to Break Up with Plastic

February 06, 2019


No break up is easy and letting go of plastic is no exception. Just like a crazy ex, once you ditch plastic you won’t be able to stop seeing it everywhere you go. But don’t worry we’re here to help you through this tough split with some tips on how you can move on from single-use plastic once and for all.

  1.  Take it slow

No one goes plastic free overnight. Start off slow by avoiding the the big four. These four items are the easiest to kick to the curb and get you started for your new plastic-free life.

The big four are:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic straws
  • Takeaway coffee cups

Swapping out these for reusable water bottles, coffee cups, bags and straw will help you get prepared for when you’re out and about so you’re not lured in by plastic again.

  1. Use what you have left

We know you’re eager to give plastic the boot but don’t go ghosting every plastic item you own. You’ll be creating more needless waste by throwing out your unused plastic items.

Get rid of what you can and before you get ahead of yourself take stock of the plastic items you do own. That way you’ll know what you need to look into replacing for the future and what to avoid so you don’t slip back into another toxic plastic relationship.

  1. Watch what you eat

Food packaging is one of the biggest culprits of pointless packaging so be careful to avoid food wrapped in plastic. Processed food, convenience food and takeaway food almost always comes in plastic wrappers and containers. Home cooked meals do not. And if you can’t resist take out you can always bring your owntakeaway containers.

Shopping for your groceries might also mean avoiding big chain stores and heading to bulk stores and local farmers markets. These are your best bet for shopping plastic free. And don’t forget to bring your glass jars and reusable bags to hold all your goodies!

  1. Keep it clean

Surprisingly, our bathrooms are another sneaky offender for storing our bad plastic habits. Did you know in Australia alone 30 million toothbrushes are used and thrown away each year? That equates to one million kilos of toothbrush waste alone!

Body wash, plastic razors, shampoos and conditioners are other common stage 5 clingers that come in plastic containers. Luckily these items are easy to swap, with plenty of bamboo toothbrushes, metal razors, and bars of soap and shampoo out there,Flora & Faunais a great one stop shop for all your plastic free necessities. Thank u, next!

  1. Be prepared

Breakups are tough and to get through this you’ll need to be prepared. It’s easy to be caught out unprepared, so to avoid this you can easily put together a little pack with all of your reusables for yourself to keep in your car, at work, or near the door at home so you’re always ready to say a big NO thanks to plastic. Reading blogs like this one, and following other plastic free warriors is also a great way to get tips and stay in the know of what to dodge.

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