Keep Australia Beautiful Week

August 21, 2018

Keep Australia Beautiful Week

To celebrate Keep Australia Beautiful week we're honouring the natural wonders that make Australia so very beautiful. We're passionate about eliminating plastic water bottles to keep this beautiful country free of waste and thriving. 


1. The Great Barrier Reef

We’re starting with the most well-known Australian landscape,The Great Barrier Reef. Boasting the largest reef system in the world it can be seen from outer space and spans over a greater area than the UK, Holland and Switzerland combined. Home to over thirty species of turtles, whales, dolphins, porpoises and more than 1,500 species of fish, the Great Barrier Reef is truly one of the many wonders that makes Australia so very beautiful.

Climate change is the biggest threat to this iconic reef. Did you know the carbon footprint to produce, transport, and consume the amount of water bottles we use produces over 46 billion tonnes of carbon pollution each year? And that’s just plastic bottles.


Image via @justinjamespictures


2. 12 Apostles

This next natural Australian beauty is known for it’s lime stone rocks that rise up over 46 m from the seas along the spectacular Great Ocean Road, known as the 12 Apostles. These rocky formations are created by erosion gradually softening the limestone leaving caves in the cliffs.

There are now only eight Apostles left because four have fallen, while this is attributed to the harsh conditions of the ocean the Apostles are also home to many marine life - 85% of which are found nowhere else on earth. 


Image via @karl_shakur


3. Uluru

This natural landmark needs no introduction, created over some 600 million years ago this breath-taking sandstone monolith is known as Uluru. Originally it sat at the bottom of a sea but today stands 348m above ground, and even reaches 2.5kms underground.

A sacred site to Aboriginals, Uluru’s annual 600,000 visitors don’t always treat it as as such. Often plastic bottles and waste is left behind from tourists visiting the landmark. 

Image via @oscarwastaken


4. Daintree Rainforest

Known as the oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforest in the world, the Daintree Rainforest is thought to be 165 million years old. Sitting alongside the Great Barrier Reef it’s home to over 40% of all Australian bird species as well as a wide range of insects, plants and some of the rarest Australian animals.

Deforestation and climate change are also a threat to the natural beauty. With over 400,000 visitors each year it’s important we keep our waste out of this ancient rainforest.

Image via @mycolourfulworld_


5. Shark Bay & Coral Bay

The surreal hues of Shark Bay on Australia’s most western edge spreads across 2000 kms. The striking contrast of the desert ochres reach the sparkling blue waters is a sight to be seen.

Home to humpback whales, loggerhead turtles, dolphins and the world’s largest population of the endangered dugong Shark Bay is truly a rare landscape. Conserving this natural land mark means keeping it clean by only partaking in low-impact activities and keep plastic far, far away from it. 


Image via @alexkyddphoto


6. Fraser Island

Australia’s Fraser Island is the largest sand island in in the world with over 100 crystal clear freshwater lakes to swim in like this one. It’s home to a profusion of bird life and wildlife including the renowned Dingo.

Situated on the East Coast Fraser boasts diverse landscapes from rainforest to eucalyptus woodland and mangrove forests to natural rock pools. Logging and climate change also threaten this beautiful island. You can help by leaving no trace.


Image via @seanscottphotography


7. Kakadu

Australia’s largest national Park, Kakadu is our last iconic natural wonder for Keep Australia Beautiful Week. One of the few places in the world listed as as World Heritage site and UNESCO site it homes 10,000 crocodiles!

At over 20,000 square kilometres this enormous park also boasts some over the best-preserved rock art in the world. Like all of our iconic wonders that make Australia beautiful Kakadu too is under there by climate change. The energy that goes into making, transport and consuming plastic products along with the waste left behind is a huge contributor.

Image via @elisecook

To Keep Australia Beautiful we all need to make the right choices not the easy ones and refuse to use plastic. You can replace using plastic water bottles by buying a Water3 stainless steel reusable bottle. We're offering 20% off on all bottles with the code KAB20 until 26th August 2018.

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